1. Proximal locking design
    • Advanced proximal locking design increases stability of the proximal fragment, especially important for proximal third fractures.
  2. Versatile distal locking options
    • Distal oblique locking option to prevent soft tissue damage and increase stability of the distal fragment.
    • Two medio-lateral (ML) and one antero-posterior (AP) locking options for stability of the distal fragment.
  3. Fixed-angle stabilization
    • The most proximal oblique locking screw can be securely locked with the end cap to create a fixed-angle construct.
  4. Oblique cutting
    • Anterior oblique cutting in the proximal end prevents irritation of the patellar ligament.
  5. Screws
    • All locking screws designed with double lead thread for easier insertion and enhanced stability.
    • All screws self-tapping and self-retaining to screwdriver (TORX recess).
    • Double cylindrical design of 5.0mm locking screw for optimized purchase in cancellous bone.
    • Double lead thread.
  6. End cap
    • End cap prevents ingrowth of tissue and facilitatesnail extraction.
    • Available in four sizes: 0–15mm
  7. Increased locking accuracy
    • Distal aiming platform increases locking accuracy.


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