7s Medical AG with its headquarter in Switzerland (Canton of Lucerne) is a medical technology company focusing on the development and distribution of orthopedic medical products in the fields of Trauma, Spine and CMF.


7s Medical AG was founded by partners coming from leading medical technology enterprises together with experienced entrepreneurs,  who invest in long-term projects and sustainable companies. The experience of these partners is complemented by a global network of doctors, developers, manufacturers and distribution partners.


7s Medical customers count on:

  • A full range portfolio: Over 6‘000 products (including implants and system solutions) being continuously extended with innovations in the areas of:
    • Orthopedic Trauma
    • Spinal Fixation
    • Maxillofacial Surgery
  • High quality: Clinically proven products
  • Cost efficiency: Attractive solutions for cost-conscious hospitals on premium level
  • Trying before buying: Trial sets of 7s Medical will convince you and your customers of the superior quality of our products
  • Educational activities: Improving patient care and confidence of surgeons
  • A platform for innovation and fast solution development


For surgical references please consult: